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Clark High School

is proud to offer a safe, bully-free, clique-free environment focused on strong academics, individuality, fairness and respect. 

Clark Middle School (5th - 8th grade)

is focused on time-management and organizational skills. Making mistakes and learning from them are a focus of the middle school. 

Clark Elementary School (K - 4th Grade)

is a solid start to a life-long love of learning. Elementary school establishes solid study skills, mentoring and leadership skills as well as an appreciation for hands-on learning. 

What's Happening at Clark

Clark School is moving


With the continued growth of the Clark School in mind, we are moving to a new location in Rowley, MA - just minutes away from our current home in Danvers.

Please follow this link for pictures, floor plan and more information about our new location.

Our new location offers 21,000 sq. feet of space, an upgrade over our current space of 13,000 sq. feet, as well as:

  • Dedicated art and science classrooms
  • A tenfold increase in the amount of available parking space
  • Easy access from Route 1
  • A full-size sports field and access to several acres of conservancy land for hiking, picnics, outdoor science instruction, etc.


Our new campus will be the school's fourth since its founding in 1978. While it's bittersweet to be moving from a site we've called home for over thirty years, we're excited about the opportunities that our new space will make possible.


Upcoming events


  • Thursday, April 24 - High School Teacher Development Day - No school for High School
  • Friday, April 25 - High School Spring Trip departs
  • Monday, April 28, 5:00pm-8:00pm - PAC fundraiser at Fuddruckers, Reading MA
  • Thursday, May 8, 6:00pm-8:00pm - Spring Concert


Please visit the school calendar for a complete listing of school events and important dates.


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