High School Drama

The arts are an integral component of the Clark philosophy which emphasizes positive personal values, high achievement and meaningful participation in the community.


As a part of their graduation credit requirements, High School students can participate in Drama as an elective throughout the year.


Clark High School also offers a unique and intensive Spring Mini Course where students work diligently for 2 weeks to create a production to present at the Annual METG Drama Fest.



2017  For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

Congratulations to award recipients:

Poe Heckel for Sound Design and  Andrew Krisko for !

METG Drama Fest Preliminaries March 4th.

Thursday, March 3rd, 7pm @ Hogan



2014 Lila The Werewolf with Ben Wickey ('14) & Erin Murphy ('16)

Photo: Jeph Ellis

2015 The Bridge Partner

Photos: Jeph Ellis

 2015 The Bridge Partner

Lily Withington ('15), Alexandra McLellan ('16), Erin Murphy ('16)

& EG Gabriel ('17)

2015 The Bridge Partner

Cast & Crew!

The Bridge Partner

Lily Withington ('15) & Alexandra McLellan ('15)

METG DramaFest


Since 2012, under the enthusiastic direction and leadership of our headmaster, Jeff Clark, Clark High School has participated in the annual METG Drama Festival. This annual event is a highlight of the year for students who are driven to direct, perform, run tech, create costume and set designs and immerse themselves in the collaborative world of theater arts. Click here for more information about METG.








Below a listing of past performances and awards.


2012  The Tempest

Acting ~ Ben Wickey for the roles of  Alonso and Trinculo

Acting ~ Alex Koo for the role of Stephano


2013 The Constant Lover

Stage Manager’s Award ~ The Clark School

Participation ~The Clark School

Director ~ Julia Lorello

Excellence in Set Design ~ Erin Murphy, John Plunkett & Ben Wickey

Costumes~ Erin Murphy

Acting ~ Ben Wickey for the role of Narrator

Acting ~ Peter Silverman for the role of Cecil Harburton


2014 Lila the Werewolf

Acting ~ Ben Wickey for the role of The Superintendent

Wardrobe ~ Erin Murphy

Wardrobe ~ Alex McLellan


2014 METG

High School

Festival Logo

Design Winner

Ben Wickey ('14)





2015 The Bridge Partner


2016 America Passes By


2017 For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

Acting - Andrew Krisko for the roll of Lawrence

Sound Design - Poe Heckel


Lila the Werewolf


Photos: Jeph Elis