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Will YOU Be 1 of 100?
Will YOU Be 1 of 100?
Dontate today & let us know your favorite thing about Clark School.
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1 of 100
1 of 100
First and foremost, we are grateful for you! We are grateful for the students, for their insights, kindnesses, senses of humor and for the ways in which they challenge us to be the educators they deserve. We are thankful for our relationships with all of our families and supporters, without whom we would not be able to do the good work we do. My 1 of 100 asks you to consider what Clark means to you. What one reason would you give for being thankful for your relationship with Clark School and our growing community? We want to know! And we want to share that message of enthusiasm and support with others. In support of this idea, we invite you to donate to Clark through our new capital campaign, the 100 for 100 Fall Fundraiser! Our goal is to have at least 100 donors show their support of Clark by each donating $100 or more. The success of this annual campaign helps create unique and special opportunities that directly affect our students.
Donate today!
Will YOU be 1 of 100 ? Thanks to many donors, we have exceeded our goal ~ but you can still give. Also, please check with your employer about matching donations!
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From High School

  1. How friendly the teachers are
  2. Happy
  3. Small Class sizes
  4. Muy Bueno Spanish Class
  5. Community
  6. All the personalities
  7. Teachers
  8. Sense of Community
  9. We are like a big family
  10. Acceptance
  11. Small Community feel
  12. The opportunities we have
  13. Open
  14. Welcoming
  15. Amazing people
  16. Friendly and helpful teachers
  17. Understanding teachers
  18. Relationships with teachers
  19. Discussion based classes
  20. Teachers let you take breaks
  21. Teachers are available to help and answer questions
  22. No judgment if you need help in math
  23. Short hallways means you are closer to classes
  24. Jeph Ellis’ enthusiasm for the Art Program
  25. Off Campus Privileges
  26. 1 on 1 time with teachers
  27. Opportunities to start new things
  28. My Mom, who works here

    Lower School
  29. Spanish
  30. My teacher named Sue
  31. It has camp!
  32. Art and Spanish
  33. Students and teachers
  34. I get to eat with my friends
  35. Spend time with my friends
  36. Get to learn new things
  37. There is a dog in the school
  38. Art Class
  39. Using iPads
  40. Gym class
  41. Playing tag at recess
  42. I have Art class
  43. All the nice teachers
  44. Unique personalities
  45. Work at own pace
  46. Making connections with others
  47. The staff is very helpful
  48. My friends who support me
  49. I like the teachers
  50. I like the electives
  51. Meeting new friends
  52. We do a lot of fun activities!
  53. Cool field trips!
  54. My friends
  55. The electives
  56. The helpful environment
  57. The technology
  58. How easy it is to make friends
  59. Nice Teachers
  60. Math class
  61. Teachers and students are really kind
  62. The classmates you get to know easily
  63. I have more freedoms than in public school
  64. If I have a problem it is easily resolved
  65. They give you wide choices and decisions
  66. Teachers Care about us and are willing to help!
  67. The Teachers and the friends I've made
  68. Having fun and learning at the same time
  69. The teachers are friendly and appreciate humor
  70. It improved my life and brought me years of happiness
  71. It is adaptable to my schedule and easy to stay on track if I miss a day
  72. There is a group of friends for every type of person from rappers to RPG players
  73. Get 1 on 1 help with subject I struggle with this makes learning more fun because I can understand it more
  74. The way teachers make accommodations for your learning and make it the best experience possible
  75. I love the teachers, students, and staff members, they are very Nice and supportive.
  76. Math because of all the fun problems
  77. The classroom size and the relationships with teachers.
  78. Cough drops because I always need them
  79. Riley the dog!!!

    From Parents
  80. Thankful for all that Clark stands for and small class sizes
  81. A Clark School education fosters character growth and overall achievement
  82. Thanks for everything, Clark School!
  83. This sums up why Clark school is so important to us. We are thankful for the educators, the staff and the parents of the Clark school. "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." - Ignacio Estrada
  84. Thanks Clark faculty for providing a unique education to the specific growth and development needs of each individual! Clark rocks!
  85. Because *everyone* cares about helping our fabulous kids grow into even more fabulous grownups
  86. Love Everything about Clark School
  87. Thankful for all that Clark stands for and small class sizes!
  88. Thank you for all that you all do!
  89. Our 1 of 100: Clark School education fosters character growth and overall achievement
  90. We are thankful that Clark School meets kids where they are and then supports them to soar!!
  91. Clark School has literally been life changing for our child who has gained self confidence and now loves to learn. Our other child is also thriving and loves the small class size. Thank you for all you do, it's truly a special place.
  92. MIKE! He makes a huge difference!
  93. Clark School is an amazing place! Thank you for 8 great years! Big thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff especially Denise and Mike!
  94. Clark is a very good school and it’s support it’s students very well academically and socially
  95. What Clark means to me/my family:
  96. Empowerment: engagement  in and control over one's own education. 
    As previous homeschoolers it was important for us to find a learning environment that was close to our own homeschool educational philosophy and Clark was it.  While there are subject and topics we all must learn to be part of society, how we learn them and the ways in which we engage ourselves to learn can, and should, be individualized.  Clark honors that individualism while keeping the focus on what needs to be learned.

    From Alumni & Alumni Parents
  97. The environment was the right place for our student — to learn, to make social connections, to succeed.
  98. Thankful for the education both our children received at the high school.
  99. We know our child's time at Clark School made him who he is today, so we are sincerely grateful. We hope our contribution will support Clark school's ongoing growth
  100. The Senior Internship program
Here at Clark we take our relationships seriously!
Headmaster's Message
We believe that keeping kids active at school is a superb way to increase learning and focus.
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The Arts
The Arts
Our Visual & Performing Art classes explore a range of mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, drama & musical theater.
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Clark is a unique school, that's for sure. Many student who have an interst in the performing arts participate in our Drama program during school hours, as well as weekend and summer workshops.
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We offer several levels of Spanish classes to fit your academic needs.
HS Academics
Having Fun While Learning
Having Fun While Learning
We think learning should be a fun & engaging experience for our students and teachers!
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Riley's Favorite Things About Clark
Riley's Favorite Things About Clark
Greeting the students in the morning | Getting belly rubs | Running on the soccer field | Treats | Walks with the HS students | Giving comfort | Ear Scratches | Naps | His bed

 "If a child can't learn the way

we teach,

maybe we should teach the way they learn."

~ Ignacio Estrada

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Will YOU be 1 of 100 ? Thanks to many donors, we have exceeded our goal ~ but you can still give. Also, please check with your employer about matching donations!